Technical Data

Size: 10ft high x 10ft wide x 40ft long or 10ft high x 10ft wide x 20ft long
Weight: From 8 tons or From 4 tons
Area: 37.2m² / 400ft² or 18.5m² / 200ft²
Material: Steel Frame Structure and Aluminum Cladding
Insulation: R50 Rating (0°F ~ 125°F / -17°C ~ 52°C
Earthquake Resistance: Level 8
Wind Load: 2 kPa (206km/h 130Mph Wind Speed)
Floor Loading: 250~300kg/m² 550~660lbs/ft²
Power Requirements: Plug and Play 110V – 240V
Fire Resistance: 60 minutes
Glazing: U-Factor 0.20 SHGC 0.19
Moisture and Corrosion Proof: Hermetically Sealed with Anodized Coated Aluminum

*The ALPOD comes in 2 sizes; 20ft long and 40ft long. The ALPOD can be combined create larger square footage as needed and also a variety of configurations as well.