Next Generation of Modern Living

The KAPANA utilizes precision engineering and aeronautical technologies. These are used to achieve open-space and avant-garde architectural designs, which are both durable and portable within this new generation of mobile aluminum housing. These bring you the future of modern living…today!

The KAPANA Design is reflected in it’s simple yet stylish aluminum design, flexible in diverse application as well as an intelligent mobile space. Glass walls and roof windows introduce amazing natural lighting. Floor to ceiling glass sliding or bi-folding doors open up the entire area and connect you with nature and expand your home with that indoor/outdoor sense of endless space. There are optional smart home system, LED display system, kitchen and bathroom facilities, all of which offer flexible and diverse spatial layouts. Intelligent aluminum walls provide air conditioning, power, lighting and other systems. Each delivering an efficient and environmentally friendly, internal living space.

The KAPANA is made of strong and sustainable aluminum. It’s lightweight and sturdy, removable and easy to install, maintenance-free and recyclable. It can easily be set up in any environment. The diversified modern internal living space adapts to serve as a home, boutique hotel, office, retail shop, cafe, or restaurant and bar, smart retail store, unstaffed convenient store as well as an exhibition space. This offers many fresh opportunities with portable spaces for different industries.

The KAPANA is built 100% in a factory and is delivered complete in one piece to your site and requires very little to get it installed and connected to city utilities or optional off grid and self sustainable solutions as well.